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Honeybees are our business partners and our teachers. Whenever an apprentice goes out with our beekeeper to check the hives, she gets a close-up view of her “sisters” hard at work—making honey, scouting for nectar, guarding the hive, feeding the young, grooming the queen. Bees are industrious, cooperative, efficient, and will go to any length to provide the necessary resources for the hive. Bees have made of their collective life a veritable art form, recognized throughout the centuries as a model for community living.

So our choice of bees and honey as the center of our business model is no accident. Not only do we harvest the honey that provides revenue for our programs, but we support honeybee health by observing best beekeeping practices and by providing training for the survivors who care for our bees.

Thistle and Bee manages beehives on a dozen sites in and around Shelby County.

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