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It takes many hands to run our social enterprise, and we love our volunteers!  If you’re interested, here are some of the roles we’re looking to fill.

List updated 8.12.2019

Farmers Market Vending
On most Saturdays T&B products are sold at one of several local Farmers Markets. After one training session you’ll be ready to join our team of sales experts and T&B story-tellers. 

Product Delivery
After granola baking and packaging is done on Friday mornings, we need drivers to deliver orders to vendors all over the city. Sign up for a route (1-4 stores), and pick up orders at Second Baptist Church, 4680 Walnut Grove Rd.

Residents of The Hive require transportation support for medical appointments, 12 Step meetings, church services, and occasional social outings. Proof of insurance and a background check are required for all drivers. 

House Maintenance
Handy-man (or woman) chores are varied depending on the needs of the community and can include paint touch-ups, fixing things that break or stop working, and minor repairs. 

The Hive is situated on a large lot with many opportunities for enhancement. Cultivating a small patch for tomatoes, herbs, or flowers or tending and weeding existing beds are jobs suitable for small groups or solitary gardeners. 

Beekeeping is both art and science. Volunteers who want to help maintain bee health throughout the year or participate in honey harvests may contact for further information. 

Whether it is a once-a-year major fund-raiser or a small holiday celebration for survivors, many hands are needed to manage varied tasks. Email for more information. 

Other volunteer opportunities: 
If you have a special gift or interest, let us know! We would be happy to help you find your place at Thistle & Bee. 

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